Cork Materials



Natural cork is composed of tiny cells, each a 14 sided polyhedron with the inner cell space filled entirely with air. There are approximately 40 million of these cells in a single cubic centimeter of cork bark.


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AFGCO offers excellent Cork products for sealing applications in coil, strip, or die cut form that can also be used as:

  1. Sealing systems for multiple applications.
  2. Vibration and Acoustic Insulation.
  3. Gaskets
  4. Flotation.
  5. Load Bearing
  6. Polishing

Cork Advantages:

  1. Extremely Compressible
  2. Excellent Insulation & Fire Retardant Qualities.
  3. Highly Resistant to Wear & Tear.
  4. Unaffected by temperature extremes.
  5. Resistant to Sound & Seepage.
  6. Lightweight & Buoyant.
  7. Virtually Indestructible.