Mil-C-6183 Military Grade Cork from Accurate Felt



Military Grade Cork & Rubber

Government-regulated environments have specific requirements for materials used in ship and tank building. One of these specifications is MIL-C-6183, also known as AMS-C-6183. MIL-C-6183 specifications apply to vulcanized cork and rubber materials used for fuel and oil resistant gaskets. These specifications are in place to ensure products meet the high quality standards required for harsh and demanding operating environments.

Accurate Felt & Gasket supplies military-grade cork & rubber that meets government specifications, providing the quality and performance that your application requires.

Types of Military Grade Cork Rubber

We offer MIL-C-6183 cork rubber in a variety of grades, including M711, M712, M713, and M721. Each cork grade differs in density, and each class differs in its rubber binder. Accurate Felt & Gasket provides the following military-grade cork & rubber with 80% shelf life: 


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Advantages of MIL-C-6183 Cork & Rubber Material

MIL-C-6183 cork rubber is created from a mixture of cork granules and rubber. This combination results in a flexible, durable, and high-strength material that is ideal for military gasket applications.

Mil-C-6183 Military Grade Cork from Accurate Felt

Military-grade cork rubber can also be used for general applications such as motors, anti-vibration seals, and more.

Additional advantages of AMS-C-6183 cork rubber include:

  • Minimum distortion
  • Reduced vibration
  • Conformability to uneven flange surfaces
  • Excellent recovery properties
  • Superior sealing capabilities

Military Grade Cork & Rubber from Accurate Felt & Gasket

Accurate Felt & Gasket offers military-grade cork rubber at competitive prices to meet your application requirements. Not only do we provide the most cost-effective materials, but we offer short lead times, quick shipping, and the most responsive customer service. We believe in working with our customers to ensure satisfaction.Mil-C-6183 Military Grade Cork from Accurate Felt

We offer MIL-C-6183 cork rubber in the following thicknesses:

  • 1/8”
  • 3/16”
  • 1/4”
  • Other thicknesses are available by request

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Accurate Felt & Gasket provides Cork Rubber that meets all the specs and requirements of your military application. To learn more about our AMS-C-6183 military-grade cork rubber, contact us today.

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