Heat Exchanger Gasket

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Due to the complex nature of heat exchangers, gaskets manufactured for heat transfer must fit properly for use in high temperature environments. A common issue with heat exchanger gaskets pertains to gasket stress. Having ill-fitting gaskets can cause unwanted stress, introducing potential issues.

With unlimited options for gasket materials and configurations, AFGCO has the custom gasket knowledge and experience for your heat exchanger and heat transfer product requirements.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Materials

  • N-8092 – Manufactured from a Syntheseal® / Nonasbestos material made of reinforced cellulose fiber with a nitrile rubber binder. N-8092 gaskets are intended for applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 180°C (350°F) and are commonly used in automotive, small engine, light duty compressor, and general-purpose aftermarket applications.
  • TS-9016 – This non asbestos gasket material has a fully cured styrene butadiene rubber binder and a blend of Aramid and cellulose fibers. It is intended for oil and water applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 290°C (550°F).
  • VR-90 - Medium-density, compressed sheet, best chemical and mechanical resistance. Suitable in high purity applications. Unique combination of sealing and strength characteristics.
  • NC-711 
  • CS-830 

Custom Thermal Heat Transfer Gaskets for Mission Critical Applications

Whether you are an HVAC manufacturer or power generator manufacturer, durable custom gaskets are non-negotiable. AFGCO will work with you to create the heat exchanger gasket that meets your custom specifications. Our heat transfer gasket capabilities include:

We can manufacture custom high-temperature heat exchange gaskets that meet ANSI, DIN, and other industry standards.

heat exchanger gasket

Industry Uses

Industries that benefit from our custom heat transfer products include the following:

  • Thermal heat transfer and engine cooling manufacturers
  • Radiator manufacturers
  • Power generator manufactures
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil production
  • Industrial plants

Benefits of Custom High-Temperature Gaskets

Our custom thermal gaskets offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Cost-efficient material options
  • Energy efficiency
  • Custom configurations

Design Considerations for Heat Transfer Products

Some factors for consideration when designing a custom heat transfer gasket include:

  • Operating temperatures and thermal environment
  • Operating pressure range
  • Size of the gaskets
  • Flange surface

Design a Custom High-Temperature Heat Exchanger Gasket

With long-standing partnerships and over 70 years of custom gasket manufacturing experience, AFGCO can customize the cost-efficient heat exchanger gasket that meets your specification requirements. Request a quote or call us at 708-780-9000 and design your custom heat exchanger gasket today. 



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