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Check Valve Gasket

Check valve gaskets are suitable for a wide range of industrial, chemical, and environmental applications. The pressure differential for your application will determine which material is best suited for your check valve gasket needs. Commonly used for injection molding and automotive parts, AFGCO manufactures a wide range of valve gaskets, including:

  • Round diaphragms
  • Standard flat gaskets
  • Custom valve gaskets

Check Valve Gasket Material Options

Our inventory of rubber gasket materials includes a wide range of elastomers and durometers (hardness), elongation characteristics, and tensile strength options. If you are unsure which material is suitable for your application needs, please contact us.

  • Silicone Rubber
    • Well-suited for low and high temperature applications. Silicone rubber is available in a wide range of durometers and grades.
  • Flurosilicone
    • Resistant to aging and weathering, flurosilicone resists oxidation from chemicals, solvents, oils, and fuels.
  • Viton® rubber
    • High-performance rubber option resistant to extreme temperatures, acids, and hydrocarbon fluids. With exceptional flexibility and gas permeability, it is suitable for challenging environments and applications.

Application Uses for Rubber Check Valve Gaskets

Applications that benefit from check valve gaskets include:

  • Pressure sensors
  • Gas and liquid pipelines
  • Water treatment centers
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Automotive components
  • Piping applications
  • Injection molding
  • Food processing

Advantages of AFGCO Custom Rubber Gaskets

Decades of custom gasket manufacturing knowledge and industry expertise has made AFGCO an industry-leading gasket manufacturer for over 70 years. Our rubber gasket check valve capabilities include the following:

  • Ability to supply high and low volume production runs
  • Customization options/material selection based on pressure or chemical environment as well as temperature extremes
  • Wide range of materials in-stock and ready for custom orders
  • Competitive quotes and pricing

Get the Custom Rubber Valve Gasket You Need

With in-stock materials and quick turnaround, we can manufacture the rubber valve gaskets with a quick turnaround. Call us at 708-780-9000 or request a quote today. 



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