A variety of custom gaskets from AGFCO in many shapes, sizes, colors, and thicknesses


Custom Gasket Manufacturing

Custom gaskets are specifically designed from a range of gasket materials to meet your application needs.  They are commonly used to make a seal between 2 surfaces to prevent fluid or air leaks, contaminations, vibrations.  Whether you need gaskets from felt, sponge, rubber, laminated with adhesive, custom gasket manufacturing provides parts with the properties your application and industry requires.

Accurate Felt & Gasket (AFG) has been producing custom gaskets in all shapes, sizes, and materials for over 70 years. Whether you need basic, traditionally-shaped gaskets or more complex, intricate designs, we can provide custom-manufactured gaskets that match your unique specifications. Check out our Pump, Check Valve, and Heat Exchanger Gaskets to learn more. 

Gasket Manufacturing Capabilities from Accurate Felt & Gasket

At AFG, we approach custom gasket manufacturing like a job shop—every order is a custom job, and whatever the project requires, we can provide. We have a range of in-house manufacturing capabilities that enable us to produce gaskets that perfectly match our customers’ designs. These capabilities include:

There are essentially no limitations on the custom gaskets we can produce. Any size you need, any material, any quantity—AFG can deliver. No gasket design is too simple or too complex, and no job is too large or too small.

Here at AFG we also provide Battery Thermal Management for Gasket Materials. Click here to learn more. 

Custom Gasket Materials

We can work from your designs or reverse-engineer existing gaskets for replacements or equipment repairs. CNC equipment and state-of-the-art software are available, as needed, for extreme precision and cost- and time-saving part nesting.

We can produce gaskets from any of our standard gasket materials or combine layers of multiple materials to create a gasket that provides the characteristics and performance benefits of each.

We offer a large selection of material and material combinations including:

various Custom Gaskets from AFGCO in many shapes, sizes, and colors

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No matter what your designs require, our custom gaskets will meet or exceed expectations. Accurate Felt & Gasket are the custom gasket specialists—nobody does it better!Advanced equipment and experienced, highly-skilled staff enable us to deliver custom gaskets for any industry or application. Depending on the shape, dimensions, and the gasket material(s) required, we will determine the best methods for producing your gaskets, and deliver your finished products in quick turnaround times and at competitive prices.

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