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Precision Die Cutting for Custom Gaskets

Die cut gaskets compress to create a seal between two surfaces. Getting a tight, leak-free seal can be challenging, especially when dealing with different sizes or shapes. Custom die cutting can help you achieve the shape and featured needed for your sealing application.

Precision die cutting involves using a press and different types of dies to cut and shape gaskets from rolls or sheets. This process produces precise cuts and angles, allowing for the creation of tabs, contours, slits, ovals, and other shapes or customizations you require. Custom die cutting is an ideal solution for projects requiring unique shapes, specific radii, or special features.


Custom Die Cutting Services

Accurate Felt & Gasket (AFG) utilizes a variety of die cutting technology. We have high-speed punch presses ranging from 24 tons to 90 tons, rotary cutting capabilities for high precision applications, and a traveling head press with auto-nesting software for maximum material yield. Our custom die cutting operations ensure cost-effectiveness and give us the flexibility to produce simple to the most complex gasket shapes.

We offer precision die cutting services to create custom gaskets that meet your exact requirements, whether it’s a few prototype gaskets to one million production fuel tank gaskets. Die cutting is one of our primary gasket manufacturing processes and, with over 65 years’ experience, we can provide custom die cutting to create even the most complex designs.

There are almost no limitations to our custom die cutting capabilities. We use a variety of dies to cut your desired shape and features, including:

  • Rule dies (punch sets)
  • Machined dies
  • Male/female tooling
  • Rotary dies

Depending on your design specifications and the material required, our experts will determine which die cutting method is best for your custom gaskets.

Custom Die Cut Gasket Sizes

AFG can die cut gaskets in single pieces in sizes from 1/8” up to 60”. For larger gaskets, or gaskets that exceed the size of the material available, we create multi-part gaskets with special dovetails that bring the individual pieces together into a single gasket to match your specified dimensions.

Die Cutting Material Options

Customers require custom gaskets in various materials to meet their needs for chemical compatibility, temperature range, or pressure requirements.   We provide precision die cutting for every material we work with, including non-asbestos fiber, feltrubbercork, and more. No matter what material you need, we can die cut your gaskets into your required shape with exceptional precision and repeatability. 

Die Cutting in Small and Large Quantities

We provide precision die cutting for projects of all sizes. Whether you need just a handful of custom die cut gaskets or several million, Accurate Felt & Gasket can meet your demands.


The Custom Die Cutting Specialists

We’ve been die cutting gaskets to customer specifications since 1951 and are 100% committed to delivering cost-effective solutions with world class quality. We serve customers across a broad range of industries and have the skills and equipment to meet your custom die cut gasket requirements. In addition to precision die cutting, we offer slittinglaminating, and other services to take your project from start to finish.


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