Various electrical gaskets from Accurate Felt & Gasket, in rings and rectangular shapes

Electrical Gasket Materials

Accurate Felt & Gasket (AFG) manufactures custom gaskets for electrical/electronic devices from a range of UL-rated specialty materials. We are also material master distributors, and can supply electrical-rated materials for any application in any quantity our customers need. We offer die cutting, laminating, and other services to give you gaskets or electrical materials that match your unique requirements.

Electrical Ratings

AFG can supply materials with the following electrical ratings:

  • Plastic & fiber materials from HB to 5VA
  • Low density foam materials in HF-1, HF-2 & HBF
  • Thin films in VTM-O, VTM-1 & VTM-2four different colors of dialetric materials from Accurate Felt & Gasket

Interface Electrical Materials

AFG stocks a wide range of Interface Performance Materials products. Interface is a leading manufacturer of engineered composite materials that are specially designed for gaskets and similar sealing applications. Their versatile materials are famous around the world for their high quality and performance. AFGCO offers the following Interface products:


Voltoid D-100:  Ideal for applications where prolonged exposure to moisture or high humidity is not anticipated, Voltoid D-100 is a cost-effective electrical and flame barrier. It is highly versatile and can be readily riveted, stitched, stapled, and formed.


Voltoid D-225:  Designed for exposure to moderately high humidity and ambient moisture exposure, Voltoid D-225 exhibits superior electrical performance and flame retardance. It is an economical option for barrier or insulation material.


Voltoid D-800This resin-bonded cellulose fiber composite material is excellent for use in high humidity environments. Voltoid D-800 is specially formulated for consistent electrical and mechanical performance under variable moisture/humidity conditions. It is UL-recognized for continuous use up to 105°C (221°F).


Voltoid HP-450:  HP-450 is a high density composite designed to provide superior flame barrier properties and dimensional stability at high temperatures. Composed of aramid fiber, filler, and polymeric binders, it features low water absorption and exhibits outstanding electrical and mechanical properties. As of January 2017 this material is no longer UL recognized. Contact us for alternative options. 


Voltoid S-350:  UL approved for continuous electrical and mechanical service at 90°C (194°F), Voltoid S-350 offers a combination of firmness and flexibility that makes it suitable for a wide range of uses. This cellulose-based electrical barrier and insulation material can be fabricated by creasing, kiss cutting, and forming.


Voltoid V-090:  A medium-density engineered composite of organic and inorganic fibers, bound in a proprietary latex matrix. V-090 is all but impossible to ignite, achieving UL’s highest flammability rating (94-5VA). It offer unsurpassed dielectric strength, flame resistance, temperature resistance, and flexibility. V-090 excels as a flame barrier and electrical insulator.


Formex™ GK Electrical Insulation Material

Accurate Felt & Gasket also offers Formex’s GK electrical insulation materials. Formex GK offers unmatched versatility, durability, flexibility, and performance for a broad spectrum of applications. This polypropylene electrical insulation material can be used as a physical barrier to protect personnel from exposure to electricity and to protect delicate electronic components against damage. Formex GK materials offer exceptional dielectric strength, an elevated temperature rating, and outstanding moisture and chemical resistance. AFG also offers Battery Thermal Management for Gasket Materials, click here to learn more. 


Fishpaper is also available for electrical applications. Fishpaper is a strong, fibrous, and flexible dielectric paper that offers high heat and impact resistance and good mechanical and tensile strength.

UL 94 Rating

All of AFG’s electrical gasket materials are UL 94 rated. UL 94 is the Underwriters Laboratories standard for safety of flammability of materials for parts in devices and appliances testing.

We also offer a variety of sponge and foam materials that exhibit good dielectric properties and can be used for electrical/electronic applications.

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