Amorim Gasket Materials

Dating back to 1870 and located in Portugal, Amorim has become the global leader in and largest producer of cork and cork/rubber materials. Its signature is everywhere, from sports items to railroad and spacecraft components to wine stoppers and designer floor and wall coverings. Industrial applications include auto and motorcycle, radiators, bolted headers, pan gaskets, valve/cam covers, gear box covers, and specific UL applications.

Top Quality Cork & Cork Rubber Materials

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. The bark is an agglomeration of millions of cells filled with air. Cork is 100% natural, recyclable, and reusable—essential qualities in our environmentally friendly society.  

someone's hands working with a piece of cork bark wood

The average cork oak tree has a life span of 250-350 years. It takes 25 years before it can be harvested the first time, then cork can be harvested every nine years. The primary use of cork is stoppers for wine and champagne bottles. The remaining material is ground up and mixed with other materials, like rubber, for specific applications.

Cork Rubber Benefits

Cork rubber material has several unique benefits for your customers.

  • Little to no side flow, improving crush-out resistance
  • Tolerant to extreme surface finishing conditions
  • Conformable to flanges with “out of flatness”
  • Low bolt torque
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Available in blocks, sheets, rolls, and coils (with and without adhesive)a tree with its bark half removed, to be used for cork oak

Cork rubber is the preferred material used across multiple applications and industries, ranging from marine and natural gas to industrial, heavy duty, military, and automotive. It provides high performance sealing and can is designed to resist oils, fuels, and gases. Thanks to cork rubbers’ conformability to “as cast” flanges, which are often out of flatness with rough and/or non-parallel surfaces, sealing can be achieved where fiber materials fall short. Whether you’re dealing with moisture, oils, fuels, gasses, dirt, or dust, robust and reliable sealing can be obtained with high performance cork and rubber materials.

Cork and Cork Rubber Vibration Control

In addition, cork and cork rubber provide vibration control, both internal and external, along with sound dampening and thermal protection. Uses are endless, all at a competitive cost. 

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