Miscellaneous Materials & Specialty Gaskets

Accurate Felt & Gasket (AFG) works with a number of miscellaneous materials that are not always easily defined by broad categories. As requirements arise, we work to find the right specialty gasket material for your unique application. We also have customers who ask us to convert unique materials such as chamois material, roofing felt, onion skin paper, linoleum, and more to create specialty gaskets.

If you have a unique material requirement and don’t see it listed here, contact Accurate Felt & Gasket for options!  We will work with you to find a solution for your specialty material needs. 

Specialty Gaskets & Miscellaneous Gasket Materials

In partnership with our suppliers, Accurate Felt & gasket distributes a full line of standard gaskets and materials used by domestic and international OEMs.  Our team also has the expertise to work with a broad range of exotic and specialty gasket materials including:

  • Metal Clad Gaskets: Constructed from metal and a gasket material such as graphite, cork, rubber, and fiber. There are two types of metal clad gaskets: A metal exterior with a gasket interior, and a metal interior and gasket material exterior. Metal clad gaskets have superior resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures and can withstand chemicals.
  • Grafoil™/Graphite/Graphite w/Metal Core: Anti-stick, flexible materials that resist heat, corrosion and chemicals. Grafoil has high chemical compatibility and is inert to most chemicals and gases. Graphite withstands extreme operating conditions involving high pressure and heat, and aggressive chemicals.   These exotic gasket materials are widely used for high temperature and exhaust applications including chemical plants, paper mills, and other industrial facilities.
  • Leather Material: Includes natural and synthetic leather used to make washers and other custom items. Natural leather is a deformable material that is tanned, treated and oiled to maintain suppleness and extend its lifespan. Synthetic leather is constructed of polyurethane foam pads with a leather-like outer layer that can be manufactured in different colors.
  • Styrofoam™ Specialty Gaskets: A durable material made of closed-cell polystyrene foam. It is water resistant and provides thermal insulation.
  • Insulfrax™ and Millboard High-Temperature Materials: Insulfrax™ is a ceramic fiber material that is lightweight, flexible, and has low thermal conductivity. It tolerates extremely high temperatures and is used in applications where the risk of combustion must be minimized. Millboard is made from clay, ceramic fiber, inert fillers, and binders and withstands extreme environments and exposure to molten metals.
  • Shim Stock Gaskets: This specialty gasket material is made from colored plastic, brass or aluminum and is as thin as a piece of paper. Shim stock material is used as a spacer in a bearing housing, for example.
  • Heat Shield Insulation Materials: Used in multi-layer heat shields, we offer next generation thermal materials for protection up to 1000°C in engine applications with virtually no detectable smoke or odor.
  • Rubber Coated Metal Gaskets: Specialty gaskets made from a “next generation” material that combines the durability of metal with the sealing capabilities of rubber. They are constructed of an aluminum or steel core that has a rubber coating on both sides to provide durability and elasticity. Rubber coated metal gaskets are used frequently in low pressure and high-pressure automotive applications.  
  • Aluminum Specialty Gaskets: Aluminum is a durable and ductile material that can easily be formed into intricate gasket shapes. It is corrosion resistant and withstands high pressure. Applications include automotive, electronic and industrial.
  • Glass Wool & Mineral Wool: Non-combustible and insulative gasket materials made from rock, glass, slag, and minerals. The raw materials are melted down and spun into filaments, which are then formed into wool material using heat-activated binders. They are used in high-temperature applications and to contain fuel and gas.  
  • Mesh Fabric (Monofilament Cloth): Has acoustical properties andprovides elasticity, high abrasion resistance, and good heat resistance. Mesh and technical fabrics are widely used for wet and dry filtration applications. Often these fabrics have pore sizes measured in micrometers (thousandths of an inch). We cut parts from open and closed mesh fabric for automotive, industrial and chemical applications, among others.
  • Vulcanized Rubber Gaskets: Synthetic rubber that is vulcanized to create a strong, flexible and highly heat resistant material. It is used to manufacture special gasket shapes and O-rings for a variety of custom applications.
  • Mylar® Gasket Material: A transparent, polyester-based film material that provides great dimensional stability and resists chemicals, moisture and abrasion. It has high tensile strength and is UL rated as an electrical insulation material. Mylar® is a specialty gasket material that provides a long-lasting seal that will not leak.
  • Select-a-Seal® Gasket Material: A rubber-edged composite that is lightweight, strong, temperature resistant, and provides a durable seal with superior adhesion.  Specialty gaskets made with this process are like a built-in O-ring on a cut gasket. They are ideal for irregular surfaces and flange surfaces.

Learn More About Our Specialty Gaskets and Miscellaneous Materials

Accurate Felt & Gasket partners with leading companies to provide high-quality gasket materials. We also manufacture custom specialty gaskets and offer die cutting, slitting and laminating services to complete your project. Contact us to request a quote for one of our miscellaneous gasket materials or to discuss your material needs.

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