CorkRubber Gasket Material


CorkRubber (or RubberCork / Rubber Cork)

Corkrubber offers many of the advantages of rubber compounds, along with the added benefit of controlled compressibility and recovery. The addition of cork granules to the compound helps to decrease the amount of flow or creep that occurs in compounds that are only made with rubber. This also creates a better distribution of load when compression occurs between bolt spans.

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AFGCO offers excellent CorkRubber products for sealing applications in coil, strip, or die cut form that can also be used as:


  1. Sealing systems for multiple applications in industrial and commercial markets.
  2. Vibration and acoustic insulation for railways, industrial, machinery, civil engineering.
  3. Gaskets for electrical transformers
  4. Applications for gas meters, gaskets for heaters and many other industrial applications

CorkRubber Advantages:

  1. Wide range of fluid compatibility (high chemical resistance over long periods)
  2. Compressible with negligible lateral flow (low Poisson’s ratio by comparison to solid elastomers)
  3. Reduces levels of transmitted vibration (acoustic insulation)
  4. Excellent conformity with surfaces to be sealed
  5. High resistance to compressive loads over long periods
  6. Anti-slip and impact-resistant (shock absorber)